Tableau users can leverage data subject areas in UM Analytics, which are validated and conform to enterprise accepted data definitions, without making a stop in an Excel spreadsheet. The Unify BI Tableau Connector uses the native Web Data Connector within Tableau to integrate with UM Analytics. This allows users to build a query and extract a data set from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and import the data directly into a Tableau workbook. 

Introduction to Unify

See a demonstration of how to build a class enrollment data set by college.


  • Leverages University login and associated UM Analytics privileges to determine data available for each user.
  • Build queries using University validated and pre-joined data from the EDW.
  • Extract the resulting data set directly into a Tableau workbook.
  • The data query definition is saved and can be reused to continually update the Tableau workbook.
  • Combine data with other local or external data sources in your Tableau workbook.
  • See the UM Analytics  IT@UMN Technology Page for information about data subject areas available for building data queries (i.e., authoring analyses).

Getting Started

  1. Refer to the Unify BI Tableau Connector Self-help Guide.
  2. Using Unify BI Tableau Connector requires privileges in UM Analytics to author analyses. Check your assigned access roles in UM Analytics.
  3. The Unify BI functionality uses an individual's UM Analytics security; all data extracts and refreshes will require two factor authentication which means functional/departmental accounts cannot be used for Unify BI data extracts.
  4. If you do not have at least one author access role, attend one of the following classes on using the UM Analytics query and dashboard builder. Note: Each pillar may require additional data training before granting author access (e.g., private data training)
  5. Request author access to UM Analytics via an Access Request Form (see Additional Applications section).
  6. Setup a Web Data Connector source in Tableau using the following Unify BI Server URL: https://unifybi.umn.edu/unify
  7. Login to Unify BI with your Internet ID & Password and DUO.