Self-Help Guides: Organize & Construct a Self-Help Guide

This self-help guide will guide you through the process of preparing your content and constructing a self-help guide.


Self-Help Guide Overview

A Self-Help Guide provides the context and step-by-step instructions needed to learn about and complete specific tasks. Users can either start from the beginning of a self-help guide and follow it to the end, or they can jump in at any point to find the help that is most needed at the moment.

A Self-Help Guide (SHG) can be laid out in one to three columns depending on the scope of the content.

Organize the Content


Turn on Self-Help Guides in Your Site

Create a New Self-Help Guide

The Self-Help Guide Module comes with two content types. Use the "Self-Help Guide Column" to create the individual columns for the self-help guide. Use the "Self-Help Guide Page" to create the master document that pulls together the individual columns of the self-help guide.