Canvas Transition: Migrate a Course from Moodle to Canvas

If you haven’t already, first analyze your Moodle course site for transitioning to Canvas. Then, if migrating your course turns out to be the best option, start preparing for the transition. Otherwise, you can start fresh in Canvas with a non-academic course site. When ready, you can import it into a Canvas course site.

  • NOTE: If you have complex question banks in your Moodle course site, you can ask for help preparing them before you move your course into Canvas.

Migrate a Moodle Course Site to Canvas

Preparing Your Moodle Course for Transition

Importing Your Moodle Course Site to Canvas

If you are transferring an academic course, a shell site should already be loaded into Canvas for you. If your course is a development site, fill out a Canvas Course Development Site Request:

Cleaning Up Your Canvas Course Site

Publishing Your Canvas Course Site