Storyline (Articulate)

Storyline software enables instructors to create interactive e-learning courses.

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Purchase or Download

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For installation on a University-owned device

$699 with coupon
Paid for with departmental funds

For installation on an employee's personal device

Not available

For installation on a student's personal device

Not available

Instructions for Departments

A perpetual Articulate Storyline or Studio license is normally priced at a one time fee of $1,398. A Platinum Membership Plan (PMP), which provides you one upgrade and unlimited live tech support via live chat, is normally priced at $559. With our coupon you receive 50% off either.

Though the PMP is optional, it does provide a significant savings on the next version of Storyline or Studio; upgrades without the plan cost $699 each and do not currently receive any sort of special discounting. 

To order a license:

  1. Visit the Articulate 360 Pricing page.
  2. Select your product and license type. 
  3. Reference coupon code AS001S to receive 50% off of your Storyline order or AS001S to receive 50% off of your Studio order.
  4. Use your UMN email address.
  5. If you have any questions about Articulate software, the 50% discount, or upgrading, contact our Articulate Account Manager, Andrea Porter, at [email protected] or :800-861-4880 ext. 106.

If you already have a license and PMP plan, enter the serial number and other information requested on the Request Your PMP Upgrade form.



Terms and Conditions

General Technology Products Terms & Conditions apply to this software license. If additional terms and conditions apply to this item, they will be listed below.


Storyline isn't supported in a server environment, such as such as Citrix or VMware ThinApp.


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