Storage Alternatives for Netfiles

The table below provides basic guidelines and recommendations for appropriate file storage and sharing solutions.

Google Drive (Unlimited Storage)Google Shared Drives (Unlimited Storage)Box Secure Storage (Unlimited storage, but 15 GB limit per file)Learning Management System (Canvas) (1 GB storage capacity)Kaltura Media Management System (Unlimited Storage)YouTube
Documents (Google docs, slides, spreadsheets, PDF’s, images, etc.)  
Sensitive and private-highly restricted files that require compliance with HIPAA and security standards 
Video files for personal, team or internal use   
Video files for use in Canvas course sites*   
Video files for public audiences (outside UMN)  

If you don't see an alternative for your specific need, or have questions about storage options, please contact Technology Help

*Why would I use Kaltura instead of YouTube to host videos in Canvas?

Videos uploaded to YouTube are set to Public by default, however, that setting can be changed to Unlisted, which means viewers need to be provided a direct link to view. If you prefer more control, privacy or restricted access of your videos, any video uploaded in Kaltura can be setup to be accessed by (1) only the owner of the video, (2) people with a direct link, (3) people within the University community, or (4) students in a specific course.

Kaltura also provides deeper analytics that can provide information about individual users who watched a video, and for how long. YouTube can only provide higher level analytics like views and the average length each video is watched.

Storing videos directly in Canvas is also an option, but due to limited storage, Kaltura is the recommended solution.