Service Gateway: Secondary User

Each management ID (MID) must have a minimum of one secondary user. Multiple users are recommended to ensure back-up.

Primary and secondary users have similar responsibilities.

Required Training

Prior to being given any access rights, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) requires that any new primary user attend training for Service Gateway. Training is available at no charge.


A secondary users responsibilities include the following:

  • Work with OIT personnel during migration to identify all active and inactive data and voice jacks and to determine necessary MID(s) and workgroup(s)
  • Receive automated e-mail messages when any change is made within their MID
  • Confirm that new users have read and understood the acceptable use of information technology resources polices, standards, and procedures prior to granting the user access to Service Gateway
  • Add any new users for their MID as well as assign the user's rights
  • Determine appropriate Service Gateway user roles and assign roles to new users
  • Communicate your MID preferences for changes/problems with the voice and/or data network services to your unit
  • Process appropriate change requests to data and/or voice services
  • Remove any user who leaves the unit from the MID(s)
  • Review the MID(s) every six months and make any necessary changes
  • Confirm that the primary, secondary and standard users' roles and rights remain accurate.
  • Maintain current accurate information on the MID contact page
  • Define the unit's normal and outside-of-normal work-hours escalation process
  • Contact the OIT Technical Assistance Center if a jack-to-port discrepancy is found
  • Ensure that if a jack in the MID is turned off to the University of Minnesota’s network due to virus exposure, the situation is resolved prior to contacting 1-HELP to request the service be restored
  • Follow predefined processes during any interaction between your unit and the University of Minnesota’s data centers
  • Ensure all jacks in the MID are maintained following unit process and procedures (consider: HIPAA, Graham-Leech-Bliley Act, etc.)

Acceptable Use

A secondary Service Gateway user must read and understand the University of Minnesota policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.