Service Gateway: Acceptable Use

Service Gateway users should follow these practices:

  • Users are strongly encouraged to contact their Service Gateway management ID (MID) primary and/or secondary users if they are experiencing problems or need changes made to voice or data network connections.
  • Office of Information Technology (OIT) expects that the MID primary and/or secondary users will communicate their preferred processes for Service Gateway management within their unit.
  • OIT staff refer "non-service impacting" changes back to the MID primary and/or secondary users.
  • With response time taken into account, the MID contact page should include both normal-work-hour escalation processes as well as outside-of–normal-work-hours escalation processes.
  • OIT technical staff follow the MID contact directives.
  • When updating and/or populating information, primary and/or secondary users should consider vacations, unexpected absences, etc.
  • If the MID contact page does not provide ample information in an urgent situation, OIT staff determine the plan of action; the primary user is notified of any changes.

Users must read and understand the University of Minnesota Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources polices, standards, and procedures.