Perceptive Content: Scanners

Canon and Fujitsu scanners are the two major brands used at the University.

Before making a scanner purchase, contact [email protected]. We can help with picking the right scanner for your department.


There are two Virtual Rescan Softwares:

  • Kofax
  • Paperstream

Both are very configurable, can clean up thin paper, colored paper, hole punches, coffee stains, or even watermarks.

Kofax is not free unless bundled with the scanner (make sure it is the Elite Workgroup license). It costs around $1500 alone.

Paperstream is free with a Fujitsu scanner (fi6130z or newer).

Both softwares require some time to configure and can be finicky.


Workgroup Scanners

Fujitsu fi-7160 (This is the one the Document Management Team recommends)

  • How often to change rollers: 200,000 pages
  • Approx Price: Reseller: $1200 Amazon: $880

Canon DR-M160II

  • How often to change rollers: 200,000 pages
  • Approx Price: $855

Fujitsu fi-7460

  • How often to change rollers: 200,000 pages
  • Approx Price: $2500

Production Scanners

Fujitsu fi-5950

  • How often to change rollers: 600,000 pages
  • Approx Price: $20,000

Canon DR-g1130

  • How often to change rollers: 450,000 pages
  • Approx Price: $9000

Scan License

To scan directly into Perceptive Content you will need to purchase a scan license directly from Hyland (owner of Perceptive Content). It costs around $1870 (one time cost). Contact [email protected] for more information purchasing a scan license.