OIT Computer Classroom Reservations


If you need to reserve a computer classroom, please contact [email protected].

We advise instructors to visit the computer classrooms well in advance of teaching in them to verify that everything works as needed. If not, please contact [email protected]


Priority is given to University of Minnesota curriculum classes that provide a current course number. (Please note that some colleges have a scheduling priority in certain facilities.)
There is no charge for U of M curriculum classes using OIT classrooms. There is also no charge for University sponsored events, including but not limited to, non-curriculum classes and meetings as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The facility is available and will not conflict with a curriculum course or other curriculum-related use. Curriculum courses have priority and are scheduled first according to scheduling guidelines.
  • Proposed usage is documented to show that it supports the University, its colleges and departments.
  • The customer is not charging for their use of the classroom.
  • No additional work is needed for OIT services such as software installation and additional staffing, which would be charged for accordingly (a Statement of Charges will be provided).

Computer Classroom Schedules