Canvas Release Notes for September 15, 2018

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Updated Features for Instructors


Bulk Select Final Moderated Grades

  • If an individual student’s submission has only been graded by one grader, the moderator can select all the grades from that grader as final grades.

Moderated Student Name SpeedGrader Links

  • In the Moderation page, student names are linked to their submissions in SpeedGrader.


CSV Import Custom Column Support

  • Gradebook CSV import files support updates for custom columns.


Moderated Grading Rubric Review

  • SpeedGrader displays all assessed rubrics to moderators. This allows moderators to view and compare rubrics scored by different graders.

New Gradebook

New Gradebook and SpeedGrader Section Filtering

  • New Gradebook section filtering is synced with SpeedGrader.


Anonymous Grading Annotated Comments

  • DocViewer supports annotated comments in anonymously graded assignments.


Profiles Last Attended Date

  • In a student’s Profile page, instructors can note the date that a student last attended in the course.

Updated Features for Admins


Create Discussions Permission

  • The Permissions page includes a new permission for creating discussions in a course.