Canvas Release Notes for March 09, 2019

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Updated Features for Instructors


Moderated Grading Audit Trail Enforcement

  • As part of a moderated assignment, the Assessment Audit section displays automatically within SpeedGrader for any user with permission to view the moderated grading audit log. This change removes the Anonymous Moderated Marking Audit Trail feature option and no longer requires it be enabled separately when creating moderated assignments.


Favorites and Downloads Sorting

  • Resource cards display the number of times a resource has been downloaded or imported and the number of times a resource has been favorited. Institution Search Results
  • When viewing the resource Details tab in Commons, users can view filtered search results that only display resources from their specific institution.


Author Search Functionality

  • When viewing the Discussions page, users can use the search field to search for a discussion by title or author.


On-Screen Calculators

  • Instructors can enable an on-screen calculator with basic or scientific functions from the Options menu of any question type.