My Learning Analytics (MyLA) is a student-facing dashboard developed by the University of Michigan. When added to a Canvas course, it offers students 3 data visualizations:

  • Resources Accessed displays which course materials peers are accessing each week.
  • Assignment Planning displays which assignments have the greatest impact on their grade, when assignments are due, and their progression through course assignments.
  • Grade Distribution displays performance in the context of the class as a whole.

Data suggests that students find MyLA helpful and that it improves success in the course. The pilot is a catalyst to explore issues of learning analytics at the University of Minnesota.

Current Use

Nine courses representing 5 colleges and 1,200 students will participate in the Fall 2019 MyLA Pilot. To qualify for participation,

  • Courses must
    • have at least 20 students (for student de-identification and privacy purposes), and
    • make use of Canvas Assignments, Files and Gradebook.
  • Instructors must 
    • Provide the team supporting the pilot with access to their students in order to deliver orientation materials as well as pre- and post-surveys.


The MyLA pilot will provide 

  • additional clarity around course design strategies that improve the value of MyLA visualizations for students, and
  • feedback to drive enhancements to the MyLA framework itself.

With the overall goal of improving student success and outcomes, the Learning Analytics DiaLOG group has chosen MyLA as its first pilot project in order to

  • Launch learning analytics activities and discussion at the University of Minnesota
  • Foreground the student experience to help guide future efforts
  • Assist in developing practices and documentation regarding learning analytics, specifically around student data and privacy implications of learning analytics work at the University.
  • Help the DiaLOG Learning Analytics subgroup bring to light issues and opportunities regarding access to and ethical use of learning data.
  • Learn more about the burgeoning field of learning analytics while helping the University launch a culture of learning analytics systemwide.

Getting Started

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