Media Mill Retirement Plan

OIT is working to gracefully shut down Media Mill and migrate existing media to Kaltura MediaSpace. On Friday, December 28, 2018, Media Mill will be "frozen". After that date,

  • You will no longer be able to upload content to Media Mill;
  • Existing links and video derivatives will continue to work through 2020; and
  • Original files uploaded to Media Mill will be moved to Kaltura MediaSpace, and original video files will be deleted from Media Mill.

For more information, see Media Mill Transition to Kaltura MediaSpace.

Media Mill makes it easy to upload audio and video content, and share it with anyone in the world. Media Mill can be used to actively host media or for historic archival purposes. Media access can be public, private, or University of Minnesota Internet ID specific.


  • Audio and video file uploads supported
  • Sub-clipping and captioning options supported

Getting Started