Media Mill Retired December 31, 2020.

Media Mill and Media Magnet were retired on December 31, 2020. In early 2019, all files stored on Media Mill were copied to the University’s media management platform, Kaltura MediaSpace

To locate, use, or share your media files, sign in to Kaltura MediaSpace. Media was imported with its original upload date in Media Mill, so you may need to scroll back a ways. Alternately, you can find your media that was copied from Media Mill on your My Media page. If you are new to Kaltura, it may be useful to start with the self-help guide: Kaltura MediaSpace: Upload and Manage Media

As of December 31, 2020, the files remaining on Media Mill and Media Magnet will become unavailable and links to those files will no longer work.

Update your links or download/share sessions

Before December 31, we strongly recommend that you update any links you have shared to your files in Media Mill and Media Magnet. For more information, refer to Kaltura: Share Media Migrated from Media Mill and Media Magnet: Download, Store, and Share Session Files.

Good practice

To future-proof your links, we recommend using the University’s Z tool. Z enables you to create customized links that are editable. The Z tool allows you to edit a link to point to a new destination URL. 

  • If you have any questions about accessing your media, please contact Technology Help.

For more information, see Media Mill Transition to Kaltura MediaSpace.

Media Mill makes it easy to upload audio and video content, and share it with anyone in the world. Media Mill can be used to actively host media or for historic archival purposes. Media access can be public, private, or University of Minnesota Internet ID specific.

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