Zoom: Start a Screen Share Meeting

You can start an instant meeting for screen share (no video) or an audio-only meeting from the Zoom Client for Meetings desktop application.  

  1. Open the Zoom desktop client on your PC or Mac.
    • Choose Signin with SSO and it will open up the University login page in a web browser where you can sign in to your UMN account. 
  2. Click on the downward facing caret next to New Meeting 
  3. Uncheck the checkbox for Start with video
    screenshot of Zoom Desktop client home tab showing Start with Video highlighted under new meeting options
  4. Click New Meeting 
  5. Your meeting will start and you can invite others
  6. You can then share your screen if desired
  7. You will always be able to turn on your video during the meeting as a host, even if you chose to start your meeting without video

See How Do I Start A Screen Share Meeting? in the Zoom Help Center for more information.