Zoom: Host Controls In A Meeting

Host controls allow you as the host or co-host to control various aspects of the Zoom Meeting or Webinar, such as managing the participants.

Host controls include but are not limited to:

  • muting and unmuting participants
  • launching polling
  • administering break out rooms (meetings only)
  • ending the meeting/webinar
  • admitting attendees from the waiting room

The interface for host controls as well as which host controls you can access depends on the device you are using to run your meeting/webinar.  For the most controls, host your meeting or webinar from the Zoom Client for Meetings desktop application on PC, Mac or Linux.  The Zoom mobile app is the next best choice for hosts, while the host controls through a web browser are the most limited.

See the Host Controls In A Meeting article in the Zoom Help Center for screenshots explaining the host controls on each device as well as a video tutorial.