Zoom: Equipment and System Requirements

If you have a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device (either Android or iOS), it is likely that you are already equipped to take full advantage of Zoom's features.  

Recommended Hardware

It is possible to join a Zoom meeting with nothing more than a landline phone. For the best meeting experience, we recommend the following hardware equipment:

  • A web camera: Many laptops and mobile devices come with a built-in camera. For desktop setups, you may need to purchase a webcam in order to fully participate in the meeting experience. Without a webcam, you are not able to transmit video. Learn more about what you can and cannot do with a webcam
  • A headset with a microphone: A headset with a microphone allows you to hear and be heard more clearly.
  • Two monitors: A dual-monitor display feature allows you to see the video on one monitor and the screen share on another monitor simultaneously. Learn more about dual-monitor displays.

If you are interested in purchasing a headset or webcam, the University Bookstore carries several recommended options that have been tested by our IT staff across the University system. Check out headsets and webcams in the University Bookstore.

Recommended Software

We strongly recommend downloading the Zoom Desktop Client to your computer or laptop. Downloading the Desktop App provides the best access to Zoom's features.

You may also access Zoom from the following browsers:

  • Windows: IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari5+
  • Mac: Safari5+, Firefox, Chrome
  • Linux: Firefox, Chrome

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