Zoom: Compare [email protected] with Zoom's Basic Version

A basic version of Zoom is available for free.  However, the University of Minnesota's version of Zoom lets users take advantage of several additional features. This article explores the differences between the two versions.

Key differences

Meeting length

The basic (free) version of Zoom limits all meetings with 3 or more people to 40 minutes.  [email protected] has no length restrictions on meetings.

Number of guests

Basic Zoom limits meetings to 100 people. [email protected] allows meetings of up to 300 people.

Basic Zoom

The free version of Zoom lets users:

  • Hold an unlimited number of meetings
  • Use Zoom's online support materials
  • Hold instant or scheduled meetings
  • Record meetings in MP4 and M4A formats onto their computers' hard drives

[email protected]

[email protected] lets users do all of the above, and also

  • Schedule meetings on behalf of others
  • Hold webinars and large meetings of up to 1,000 people
  • Add co-hosts or alternative hosts to meetings
  • Use a customizable personal meeting ID
  • Use premium audio features like global toll-free and call-out
  • Record meetings to the Zoom cloud 
    Note: Zoom cloud recording is disabled for UMN community members who are part of the Health Care Component, in order to remain in compliance with HIPAA regulations.  Learn more about the HCC