Zoom: 3rd Party Audio Conference

You can use a 3rd Party Audio Conference such as Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing from West Communications (formerly Intercall) to provide audio for your Zoom meeting or webinar.  This option is not recommended.


There are several drawbacks should you choose to enable this feature:

  • The audio from your meeting or webinar cannot be recorded, as Zoom does not have access to the audio
  • The video and audio may be out of sync (i.e. participants lips may not be moving in concert with the sound of their voice)
  • Active Speaker detection will not function, so you will want to pin or spotlight the speaker or use gallery view
  • Once selected, 3rd party audio is exclusively used for that meeting.  Zoom audio will not appear as an option.

To Schedule a Meeting or Webinar with 3rd Party Audio Conference

  1. When scheduling your meeting or webinar, select 3rd Party Audio under Audio options.
  2. Enter call bridging directions for participants in the text box that appears.
    screenshot showing 3rd party audio selected in the audio options, which a phone number and extension listed in the call bridging text box