WorkflowGen: Request Department Implementation

WorkflowGen is an environment that enables collegiate and business units to generate web-based forms with defined business process pathways. Units and users are able to monitor the progress of submitted forms.

In addition, IT professionals can create enhanced or custom forms by adding complex integration functions and/or transforming the web form into a sophisticated web application.

New Department Implementation

If your department does not already have access to WorkflowGen, send a request to [email protected] with the department name and the lead person's primary contact information.

Custom Web Form Requirements

If your department will not be creating custom coded web forms (i.e. you will only use the WorkflowGen user interface to build forms and workflows), then this step is not necessary.

Departments new to WorkflowGen who will be developing custom web forms should follow the steps below:

  • Create an Active Directory (AD) group called {DeptName}-WFGen.
  • Add the AD group to the WFGEN-users-All domain group.

About 10 minutes after the AD group is added to WFGEN-users-All, a departmental folder will be set up on the WFGEN customer development site. Developers who are in the the {DeptName}-WFGen group can access the share by mapping a drive to \\\web$. The departmental web form space is under WebForms\{DeptName}-WFGen\.

Additional Requirements

WorkflowGen uses Grouper to manage participants for each step of the workflow. If possible, more than one person should be identified as a participant administrator. For more information, please see WorkflowGen: Set Up Participants.

Existing Department Implementation

Each department may have one process folder in WorkflowGen. If your department is already set up in WorkflowGen and you need¬†development access, have your department lead person add you to the department's process manager group in Grouper and, if needed, to the WFGEN group in Active Directory. If you do not know if your department already has a process folder, send an inquiry to [email protected].