Wired Network: DHCP for Mac OS X

This article will walk you through setting up a Mac OS X device to work with the wired ethernet on campus using DHCP. For Windows, see Wired Network: DHCP for Windows.

1. Register for DHCP with your Wired MAC Address

If you haven't already, register your device on the campus network so that it can receive a valid IP with our ethernet cables (if you are not on campus, ensure that you can connect to the wired network where you are). You will need to use your WIRED (physical) MAC address.

2. DHCP Ethernet Configuration for Mac OS X

  1. Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences...

    Apple menu

  2. In the Internet & Network section, click the Network icon. 

    Network icon

  3. From the left-hand display menu, select Ethernet.


  4. Click the Configure pull-down menu and select Using DHCP.

    Configure pull-down menu

  5. Click the Apply button and close System Preferences.

"My Mac doesn't have an ethernet option in the sidebar"

Users with newer MacBooks that do not automatically come with an ethernet jack will not see the Ethernet option until they acquire an ethernet adapter to plug in to their laptops. The option still may not say ethernet, it will depend on the device.

  • Thunderbolt ethernet adapters may say "Thunderbolt ...ethernet" or something similar. 
  • USB devices may begin with "USB ... LAN/Ethernet"

If you need any assistance finding the ethernet option or completing any of the above steps, contact Technology Help