WiFi: iPhone Setup Guide

Your iPhone will automatically find all WiFi networks in range. On campus, you will see the UofM Networks: eduroam and UofM-Guest.

We strongly recommend using eduroam to connect if you are a University Staff, Student, Faculty, or have a University Sponsored Account. After connecting to eduroam, your device will remember the network and automatically connect when you are in range.

Enable WiFi and Connect to eduroam

  1. From the main screen, tap the Settings icon.


  2. Tap the Wi-Fi option to open the wireless networks.

    iPhone settings screen with Wi-Fi highlighted. Tap this to enter Wi-Fi settings.

  3. Turn WiFi on if necessary, and select eduroam.


4. When prompted to authenticate enter your full University of Minnesota email address ([email protected].edu) and password.


5. Tap Join this Network towards the top of the screen.

6. If prompted, tap the Accept button to verify the University security certificate.


If you continue to have issues connecting to eduroam, see Download eduroam via eduroam CAT