Warm Transfer via Phone

When escalating an incident to Tier 2, always follow the warm transfer via phone process. You can use the script that follows as a guideline.

For phone numbers, see Tier 2 Team and Zone ACD Phone Numbers (you must be logged in to ServiceNow for this link to work).

Warm Transfer via Phone Process

Service Desk Consultants

  1. Write complete work notes.
  2. Check for the correct customer phone number.
  3. Click Save (not Save and Go).
  4. Press TRANS/XFER.
  5. Dial warm escalation number.
  6. Wait for a response.
  7. When a team member answers
    • Introduce yourself and document the team member's name.
    • Describe who the customer is, the issue they're having, and the troubleshooting steps you have taken. Provide the Incident number.
    • Validate the team member can assist with the issue.
    • Assign the ticket to the person you are speaking with and make sure you have entered all information for the Tier 2 Consultant.
    • Click Save, (not Save & Go).
    • When ready, continue the warm transfer by pressing TRANS/XFER again.
  8. Tell the customer you now have the escalating group on the line and introduce the team member by name.
  9. Validate that both the team member and the customer have what they need to proceed.
  10. Hang up. Do not stay on the call. 
    • Important: Do not make changes to the Incident ticket after transferring. This may cause the Tier 2 consultant's work to be lost.

If You Called the Wrong Tier 2 or Zone

  1. Have the Tier 2 Consultant hang up. 
    You will hear a dial-tone.
  2. Push the TRANS/XFER button to go back to the customer.

If No Answer

  • Push the TRANS/XFER button to go back to the customer.

Escalation Group

  1. Answer the phone, introduce yourself and get the Service Desk team member's name.
  2. Listen to the description of the issue.
  3. Validate you can help and the warm transfer should proceed. If the warm transfer should not proceed, describe why, and provide the Service Desk with guidance on how to escalate the incident.
  4. When introduced by the Service Desk member, greet the customer.Validate your understanding of their issue.
  5. Inform the Service Desk they can hang up.
  6. Assist the end user with their issue until resolved.


Tier 1 to Customer

I am unable to resolve this issue with you. I'd like to transfer you to our Tier 2 line of support. May I put you on hold while I consult with my colleague before I transfer you?


Sure. That would be great.

Tier 1 to Customer

OK. Here is your incident number in case we get disconnected. Are ready to write it down? I'll be about a minute and then I'll come back to you.


OK. I'll wait.

Tier 1 Make sure you have saved ticket

Tier 1 Press XFER and dial number of escalation group

Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring.

Tier 2

Group name (e.g. Messaging and Identity). This is _________________. How can I help you?

Tier 1

Hi. This is ________________ from Technology Help. I'm calling to transfer a customer who is having difficulty with _______________. The Incident number is ____________. Here's the issue... (Summarize.)(If necessary) I have a bomgar session going€¦ Here's the session ID... Do you have any questions?Tier 2Got it. Go ahead and transfer the customer€¦

Tier 1 Press XFER

Tier 1

Hello Customer name. I have my colleague _______________ on the line.

Tier 2

Hi Customer's name.


Hi Tier 2 person's name

Tier 1

Customer name, I've explained the situation to Tier 2 person's name. They will assist you from here. Thanks for calling Technology Help.


Thanks, Tier 1 person's name.

Tier 1

Thanks and have a great day.

Tier 2

OK, Customer's name. etc€¦.