Using Google Meet and Zoom to Make Phone Calls

The availability of new communication and collaboration tools have changed how we work together and communicate. Due to helpful advances in technology, it is possible to meet, chat, or speak with your coworkers or constituents and conduct daily work in innovative and user-friendly ways. 

If you find yourself needing to make more of a traditional phone call, there are a few options to do so with University tools already available to you.  

Please note: If you work in the Health Care Component, review these Frequently Asked Questions about remote work, including voice/phone instructions and guidance. 

If these options do not meet your telephone needs, please contact Technology Help at 612-301-4357 or [email protected] to explore additional possibilities. 

Best Practices: Remote Voice Options

Google Meet

You can make outgoing calls easily using Google Meet simply by setting up a Google Meet event on your calendar and inviting one or more phone numbers. To the person you’re calling, it works just like a phone call. See the instructions from Google for a detailed how-to. 

You can also use this capability from a mobile device by using the Google Meet app and logging in with your University account. 

Availability may differ for members of the Health Care Component. Please check with your local IT or Technology Help with additional questions. 

Zoom “Invite a phone call” feature

University Zoom users can use the Zoom platform to make outgoing calls by “inviting” participants using their phone number. 

This functionality allows a University user to invite a phone number to a video call, which would function like a regular phone call from the recipient’s perspective. Please note: Cost is 0.016$ per minute for domestic US calls. 

Instructions for the “Invite a phone call” Zoom feature  

  1. Start a new meeting for just yourself (or others if needed).
  2. On the “participants” button on the bottom toolbar, click the ^ up arrow in the right corner and select “Invite”.
  3. In the gray bar on the top of the pop-up dialog box, navigate to the far right and choose “phone”.
  4. Input the invitee name and their phone number; select “Call”.
  5. The invitee will be called and invited to join the call. An automated message says “Welcome to Zoom. Please press 1 to join the meeting.” The user will have to press 1 on their keypad to accept the call. Please note: The call will not come from a University phone number, it could be a variety of zip codes and numbers. 
  6. The invited phone number will appear as a participant of your meeting but are only participating via voice and are speaking on their phone as if it is a typical phone call. 

If you are in the Health Care Component, please view these HCC-specific Zoom details

Forward your University phone number 

Zoom and Google Meet can be used in combination with call forwarding as well. If you have a University phone number or phone on your desk, you can easily forward those calls to a personal mobile phone or home phone. Your personal phone number will not be available or displayed to any caller, they simply will call your University number and the call will be forwarded automatically. Visit the UMN voicemail and call forwarding self-help guide for more information.