User Support Process Documentation: Retire a Process Map Diagram

When a process is no longer being used, the corresponding process map should be retired.

Note: If a process is being changed, generally it is better to update the existing process map rather than retiring it and creating a new one.

Checking linked files

  1. Review the process map and evaluate whether linked knowledge articles or subprocess are still in use.
  2. Retire linked knowledge articles that are no longer in use:
  3. Retire linked subprocesses that are no longer in use.

Retiring a process or subprocess

  1. Go to Lucidchart and log in using your University of Minnesota email address.
  2. Open the document that you need to retired.
  3. Markup the file with the following information in 18 pt red:
    1. RETIRED - Date (18pt, red font)
    2. Retirer & Assignment Group
      Lucidchart document with markup text in upper left stating "Retired - 9/26/17, Steven Meads, ITSM Process Owners" in red, 18pt font.
  4. Prepend the Lucidchart file name with "Retired - "
    • Example: Retired - US Process: ServiceNow Enhancement Request
  5. Verify a backup exists in the Visio Backup Files folder.
  6. Move the Visio backup and the Lucidchart linked file in Google Drive to the Retired - US Process Documentation folder.