Update Access to University Department Accounts

This article explains how to update access to University of Minnesota Departmental accounts. 

In this article:

Changing account information 

Departmental account users can update the account's organization head and contact information. Account information should be updated when account ownership transitions, people with access leave the University, or change their roles, etc. To update organization or contact information:

  1. Sign in to my-account.umn.edu with the Department Account Internet ID and password.
  2. Select Modify Departmental Account
  3. Update the Organization Head and/or Contact, as needed. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit to save your changes. 

Note: these changes take effect as soon as you apply them. 

Changing the password 

If you are the user of a Department account, you can change the account's password:

  1. Log into my-account.umn.edu with your Departmental Internet ID and current password.
  2. Reset your account password

If you need assistance, contact Technology Help

Updating hard-to-access accounts

If you are listed as either the Organization Head or Contact for a Departmental Account, but have forgotten your password, contact Technology Help.

If you do not know the password, and you are not listed as either the Organization Head or Contact, a Department Supervisor may contact Technology Help to request a password reset. 

Departmental Account Descriptions and Roles

Departmental Account: An account designed to act as a shared Google Apps account for a Department or other group.

  • User: Anyone who uses a Department account
  • Requestor: The person who 'owns' a Department account and is ultimately responsible for its activities and management
  • Organization Head: A secondary contact who is authorized to make changes to the Departmental Account information without any additional approval
  • Contact: A contact that is authorized limited administrative access to the Departmental account to assist users with things like password resets.
  • Department Supervisor: Someone within the department of the account in question whose official UMN Job Title contains any of the following keywords: Manager, Supervisor, Dean, Director, Executive (Excluding executive assistant, etc.)