Unify Tableau Connector: Preview the Data

At any point when selecting, editing, and filtering the columns, the returned data can be previewed.

  1. Click the preview data button in the header area of the workspace.
    the preview data icon at the top of the workspace
  2. The data is displayed in a table.
    the preview data table showing 4 columns of information
    1. The data preview is limited to 100 rows in order to verify your data set.
    2. Use the filter at the top to filter the displayed data in the table.
    3. Use the filter in any column to filter the displayed data for only that column.
      1. These filter tools are only for finding data in the table, they do not affect the data that will be returned by the finished query.
    4. The columns can be sorted by clicking the column header.
      the preview data table with the filter highlighted at the top and the columns below