Unify Tableau Connector: Create a Data Connection to UM Analytics

  1. Start Tableau Desktop.
  2. Select Web Data Connector in the Connect - To a Server category. The Web Data Connector window is displayed.
    the to a server section with web data connector highlighted
    • Note: If Web Data Connector is not displayed in this section, use the More… option to see an expanded list of connections and find Web Data Connector.
  3. Enter the URL for the Unify Tableau Connector in the address bar at the top of the Web Data Connector window.
    1. The URL is: https://unifybi.umn.edu/unify
      the unify connection window showing the address bar at the top where the url is entered
    2. If you've previously used Unify BI, it will be listed in the Recent Connectors area
      the recent connections list on the connection screen.
  4. Press enter on the keyboard. The authentication window is displayed.
  5. Enter your University of Minnesota Internet ID and Password into the fields.
    the unify bi login window with username, password and sign in
  6. Click Sign In. The Unify BI Workspace is displayed.
    • Note: This functionality uses an individual's UM Analytics security and all data extracts and refreshes will require Duo (multi-factor authentication). Functional/Departmental accounts cannot be used for Unify BI data extracts.