Unify Tableau Connector: Create Custom Column Formulas

Creating and editing column formulas is the same as in UM Analytics. Creating column formulas is useful if aggregation or calculation is needed in the report. For example, the IFNULL formula is useful when a measure column contains null values; or, COUNT is useful for aggregating values of a column.

  1. Click the Columns tab in the header area of the Unify BI workspace.
    the columns tab highlighted in the workspace.
  2. Locate the column and click the gear icon. The edit column window is displayed.
    the properties button for one of the columns in the query
  3. Edit the name of the column at the top.
  4. Enter the formula in the formulas area.
    1. Click the book icon to open the list of all formulas to see the correct syntax.
      the formula workspace highlighting the name field, the formula area, the search formula button, the save button
  5. Click the checkmark to finish editing the column.