Unify BI: Create Filters

  1. Click the filter tab at the top of the Unify workspace. The filters panel is displayed.
    the filters tab highlighted at the top of the workspace
  2. Click the > icon to expand a folder in the Subject Area pane.
  3. Double-click or drag-and-drop a dimension or measure to add to the filter group.
    the filter criteria showing the condition, values, search, and remove.
    1. The default filter condition is Equal/In, click the drop-down to select a different condition.
    2. Click the drop-down in the empty field to select values for the filter condition.
    3. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the empty field to search for values.
    4. Click the X to remove the filter condition.
    5. Filters within a filter group are AND by default. Click the OR button in the filter group bar to change it.

Note: If a filter is created on a date dimension, it will be displayed in the filters pane with the format DD/MM/YYYY. When the data is returned to Tableau, the dates can be formatted in any style.

the filter panel with a day/date filter and the date is formatted as 24/04/2019

Create Filter Groups

  1. Click the + icon in the Filter Group heading to create a new Filter Group.
  2. Click the X icon in the Filter Group heading to remove the Filter Group.
    the create new filter group button and the remove filter group button

Adding columns to Filter Groups

If you have multiple filter groups defined, double-clicking a column will only add the column to the first filter group. If you want to add a column to any other group, you will need to drag the column and drop it on the Filter Group bar.

the filters area of Unify BI with an arrow pointing from a column in the subject areas to the filter group bar.

"Combining and grouping filters with AND and OR Boolean operators enables you to create complex filters without requiring you to know SQL statements. Grouping enables you to establish the precedence in which Oracle BI EE filters an analysis." (From the Oracle help documents.)