UMN-TV: Stream UMN-TV Online with VLC media player

If you previously accessed UMN-TV from the UMN-TV Online web site, you can now only use the VLC media player to access UMN-TV.

Note: UMN-TV is only available over a wired campus internet connection. UMN-TV is not available over campus wifi networks. 

Accessing UMN-TV Online through VLC media player

  1. Download the VLC media player.
    • If you are accessing from a University-managed computer, you can also download VLC media player from Software Center.
  2. Launch VLC media player.
  3. From the Playlist window, click Network Streams (SAP). A list of available streams will display in the main viewing area.
    • If the Playlist window does not appear by default, click View -> Playlist to make it appear.
  4. Double click University of Minnesota TV online. A list of available channels will display.
    List of VLC network streams. University of Minnesota TV online is selected.
  5. Double click the channel you would like to watch.
  6. To change what channel is being streamed, click View -> Playlist.