UMN Search: Adding University Search to a Drupal Enterprise Website

The customizations outlined here will affect the main search bar in the U web header.

the university's search box in the top right of the website

Enable the Google Search Appliance in the Drupal Configuration

  1. Log in to your Drupal site
    1. You will need to be an administer of your website. If you do not have that role, contact your website administrator.
  2. From the admin menu, choose
    1. Configuration » Search and metadata » Umn Search Select
  3. Select Google Search Appliance 7
    the drupal configuration section for choosing the search type -- the choices are either Google Search Appliance 7 or Tabbed search
    You may see a second option, "Tabbed Search". This is an outdated configuration that will eventually be removed. Do not select Tabbed Search.
  4. Click Save configuration

Configure the GSA setting

  1. From the admin menu, choose:
    1. Configuration » Search and metadata » Umn Google Search Appliance 7 search config
  2. Placeholder Text€” Add placeholder text (optional).
    1. This is text that will be in the search box when the visitor first visits the page. In the example above, it's the text "Search Websites and People".
  3. Collection€”Specify your campus collection. By specifying your campus collection here, and requesting result biasing for your own collection (the last step in the search set-up process), your search will prioritize your unit's search results but still display campus results below unit results.
    • campus_tc
    • campus_crookston
    • campus_duluth
    • campus_morris
    • campus_rochester
  4. Front end€”Specify your unit's front end.
  5. Proxy Style Sheet
    1. Enter the name of a front end. The "Proxy Style Sheet" is contained within the front end.
      1. In most cases, this should be the same front end as specified in Front end above. Cases where it could be useful to have separate stylesheets would be if you have a front end for a unit, but different front ends with specific keymatches and filters for sites within the unit. For example, a department within a college may want to specify its own front end in the proxy style sheet to display the department's heading and navigation in the site's search results.
  6. Save configuration

the configuration pane for the umn gsa module in drupal enterprise

Test the updated search

  1. Navigate to your site's home page and try a search
  2. Make sure the results are consistent with what you expect

Additional Resources