TDX: Is This a Request or Incident?

As you work with the customer, you will need to determine if their issue is an Incident or a Request. You need to know the difference between the two so you can categorize the issue and initiate the correct process.

What's an Incident?

  • User's issue: "Something is broken, and I need it fixed so that I can get my work done."

  • Service Desk goal: To get user up and running as quickly as possible

What's a Request?

  • User's issue: "I need something that I currently do not have to more effectively perform my job duties."

  • Service Desk goal: To assist the user in requesting a service


Incident Request
My printer isn't working. The color ink cartridge for our printer is empty; we need a new one.
My phone can't connect to campus wireless. We have a new hire in our department who needs a phone for the new workstation.
My voice mail inbox isn't allowing me to delete messages. I need some sort of flow-chart generating software.