TDX Reports: Organize Reports in Folders

You can organize reports into folders in the U of M Tickets app for quick access to your commonly used reports.

Organizing your Reports in Folders

  1. Navigate to the U of M Tickets tab at the top of the page.
    TDX menu bar with tabs Apps, Desktop and U of M Tickets. U of M tickets highlighted.
  2. Click on +Report and select Report Folder from the drop-down menu. The New Report Folder window opens.
  3. Enter a Name for your report folder. Keep in mind best practices for naming conventions.
  4. (Optional): Enter a Description of your report folder.
  5. Set the visibility of your report folder.
    • Just Me (default) means only you will see your report folder.
    • (Optional): Set the visibility to allow specific responsible groups to view the folder.
  6. Click Save.