TDX: Link Your Bomgar Account with TDX

Before you link your Bomgar Account with TDX, it is critical that your Display Names be updated so you and any user you work with will be able to find you in the list of representatives. 

Updating Your Display Names in Bomgar

If you have already updated your Display Names, skip to Linking Bomgar to TDX.

  1. Log in at and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Scroll down to the Change Your Display Names section.
  3. Update the Display Name field(s) as needed. Your display names must be formatted as either your full name or as your first name and last initial.
  4. Click Change Display Names.
    Change Your Display Name box with Private Display Name field and Public Display name field filled out. Change Display name button selected
  5. Launch the BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console (Bomgar).
  6. Log in with your Internet ID and password. The representative console will start.
  7. Confirm that your display name is correct in the list of online representatives (lower right).

Linking Bomgar to TDX

This pairing is done at the time of ticket handling. There is no mechanism to set up the pairing ahead of time unless you manually create a ticket yourself to respond to.

  1. Log into the Bomgar Representative Console.
  2. Navigate to a ticket in TDX.
  3. Click Actions in the menu bar and select Generate a Bomgar Session.
    Ticket actions dropdown menu expanded. Generate Bomgar Session highlighted.
    The session should open in a new tab in your main TDX session window but, depending on your browser and browser settings, you may see a new blank pop-up window. If you do:
    1. Check in the ticket window to see if any pop-ups were blocked. If so:
    2. Set them to always allow.
    3. Try to generate the Bomgar session again.
  4. Find your Private Display Name in the list of logged-in representatives and click the Select radio button associated with your name.
    Link Bomgar & TeamDynamix Accounts window
    If you're having trouble finding your name:
    1. Check that you are logged into Bomgar.
    2. Make sure Show Linked Users is set to No on the linking screen. 
      • If you still can't find your name, 
        1. Make sure you changed it to something you'll recognize
        2. Set it to Show Linked Users to Yes to see if your account is already linked.
  5. Click Link Accounts. You will not receive a confirmation message. Instead, the page showing the options for sending a link to the user for the generated Bomgar session opens immediately.