TDX Knowledge: Make Table of Contents or Other In-Page Links

You can quickly create a table of contents (or other in-page links) by associating anchors to selected headings (or text) and then linking to those anchors.

Lengthy articles that contain a table of contents (TOC) with links are easier to scan and easier to navigate using adaptive technology. Unless the article is short, if it has two or more headings, include a TOC in the form of a bulleted list. 

Most of the time you will not need TOC links to subheadings below H2 unless you have a lengthy and complex article. Even then, it would be a judgment call as to whether or not it made sense.

When you set an in-page link that is not a heading, be sure to add "(on this page)" after the link. 

  • This is an accessibility standard. 

In this article:

Making in-page links

Before you can create an in-page link, you have to create an anchor.

Making an anchor

Assuming you are edit mode:

  1. Select the text you want to create an anchor for. 
  2. Click the Anchor icon.
    subset of formatting icons with the anchor icon highlighted
  3. Enter a name for the anchor.
    Anchor Properties; anchor name filled out
  4. Click OK.
    anchor icon associated with heading text in body

Linking to an anchor

  1. Select the text that you want to link to the anchor.
  2. Select the Link icon.
    subset of formatting icons with the link icon highlighted
  3. Displayed Text is filled in with your selection; you can change it and the text in the Body will update. 
  4. Change the Link Type to Link to anchor in the text.
    Linky Type menu with Link to anchor in the text highlighted
  5. Select an Anchor by Anchor Name.
    Link window with "Link Type" set to "Link to Anchor in the Text" and "By Anchor Name" has an example link text.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Type (on this page) next to the link you just created.

If you need to remove an anchor, you can just backspace.

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