TDX Knowledge: Categories

Category corresponds to the names of the old ServiceNow Knowledge Bases and categories. Unlike in ServiceNow, anyone can put knowledge articles in any category in TDX. This article describes the intended use for each category.

IT General Support categories

Any knowledge article meant for daily IT support operations, including any articles meant for support staff across teams and tiers.


  • IT General Support - Desktop Support
  • IT General Support - General Support
  • IT General Support - Incident Model
  • IT General Support - Known Error
  • IT General Support - Unit Overview

Work in Progress - Direct from Incidents

Any knowledge article created during the Incident process. Technicians create knowledge when they have found a solution to a customer's issue and that solution was not already contained in an existing knowledge article. 

Work in Progress articles that see high use are edited, approved and moved to the appropriate category.

Published Articles

Any knowledge article intended to be published to the Technology Help website and available to the general public. Articles in this category will not be visible on this site until they are both Approved and Published in TDX. Only Global Knowledge Editors can flag an article as Published.
Details of a knowledge article with Status: Approved and Published: Yes


  • Step-by-step instructions for a general audience
  • Overview articles for a general audience
  • Articles that are included in self-help guides

Note: Some content on Technology Help website is not sourced from TDX Knowledge. If you are unsure whether your content belongs in a TDX Knowledge article or directly in the Technology Help website, consult with a web content coordinator by sending an email to [email protected]

IT Specialized categories

Used by IT staff for IT-specific information that is not intended for the general support of customer issues.


  • IT Specialized - Apple
  • IT Specialized - ATH IT
  • IT Specialized - CSE IT
  • IT Specialized - IT Service Management
  • IT Specialized - US Process Documentation


Used to store knowledge articles owned by Customer Support in the Controller's Office. This information is maintained by Customer Support in the Controller's Office.