Setup Google Android Device Policy App for Mobile Devices


The process for setting up the Google Android Device Policy App is quite simple.


  1. Download and install the Google Android Device Policy App from the Play Store.

    View of Android Device Policy App in the Google Play Store.
  2. On your mobile device, open the Android Device Policy App.
    Android screen Do you want to install this application
  3. Tap INSTALL
    Android screen, set up your work profile, install work apps
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to 
    • confirm your device's screen lock. 
      • If you do not have a screen lock on your phone currently, you will be taken to the relevant settings page on your phone to set one up before you will be able to continue.
    • Install work apps. 
      • These work apps will be used to access your University Google account. They will be separate from Google Apps you may already have on your device to access other Google accounts.

        Android screen, Installing work apps
  5. Select NEXT
    Android screen, You are ready to work
  6. The device will take a moment to register with the University's Google Apps system. Once complete, press DONE
  • Once you select DONE, if you are prompted to sign into your account again to access your email, exit back to your home screen.


Accessing your UMN Google Apps

Depending on your device, in order to access your UMN Google Apps your device may:


  • Have a Workspace icon.
       Android homescreen, workspace app showing  Android screen, workspace view in Knox
  • Have a Work Tab in your app finder
    Android screen, workspace apps in separate tab in app drawer
  • Your UMN Google Apps workspace will automatically load with Gmail, Calendar Chrome and Contacts. 
    • To add further apps to your work space/tab:
    • Click on Google Play in the relevant work section
    • Search for the app you would like to connect with your UMN account
    • Install the app.
      • The app will appear in your work space/tab.