ServiceNow Reports (New UI): Get Started with Reports

ServiceNow reports are visualizations of data across any application and function within the tool. This article covers how to get started with this robust tool by:

There are many report types you can use to display your data, from highly visual graphs/charts to lists with customized columns. Once you create a report, you can:

Building a report by modifying an existing report

See View/Run a Report to find the pre-existing reports you have access to. There are also pre-built reports in ServiceNow that you can use as templates to create your own personalized reports. 

Incident Report Templates

Open Tasks Report Templates

Knowledge Report Templates

Change Management Report Templates

Building a report by creating a new report

If no existing report is available for your data visualization needs, you can create a new report. ServiceNow's report builder is a robust tool that allows you to pinpoint specific data across many ServiceNow applications.

Using a filtered list view to visualize data

You can Use and Customize List Views to get the information you want without having to build or modify a report. For example, you can filter the All Incident list to see all the items in your assignment group in a particular state, such as New or Work in Progress. Although technically not reports, you can save, download, and share filtered list views.

For additional help in building your own reports, contact the Technology Help Desk Services.