ServiceNow Reports (Classic UI): Change Report Type

When making reports in ServiceNow often times the default type of bar, pie chart, or list will meet your needs. Sometimes, however, it does not and you may need a different type in order to better visualize or obtain full information. To do this you can change the Report Type.

Note: There are many report types in ServiceNow that you are able to use in order to meet your needs. This article covers changing to some of the most commonly used types of List, Bar, Single Score and Pie. Changing to other report types may require modification or manipulation of other, unconsidered fields.

Change Report Type

  1. Use the dropdown menu next to Type to get a list of available type options.
    A screenshot showing the arrow used to get the Type dropdown menu to expand
  2. Select the desired Type from the list.
    • Depending on what type of reporting you are converting from/to the field you most commonly want or need to change is the one in the Group By: dropdown.
      • When changing from List to Bar or Pie the Group By field will automatically default to something that may not give you desired results. If your report doesn't look right when you run it check there first.
      • When changing from Bar or Pie to List you may want to remove the Group By (change the field to -- None --) in order to see a complete list without having to click into different categories.
      • Changing the report to Single Score will display only a single number. This is most effective when the report will be added to a dashboard.
  3. To get the report with these changes click Run.