ServiceNow Knowledge: Stage Knowledge Articles

The launch of a new technology or pending change to an existing technology requires knowledge content to be created, reviewed, or updated.

This article outlines the steps you need to take to prepare your project before you begin creating, reviewing, or updating knowledge articles. 

Preparing a project folder

  1. Create a folder in Google Drive for your project.
  2. Name the folder with the technology and additional identifier if necessary:
    • Example: Moodle 2.8
    • Example: ServiceNow Fuji Knowledge
  3. Create a subfolder and name it Archive.
  4. Share the folder with other collaborators.

Creating a content inventory

Generating a report of existing articles

  1. Open the Knowledge Article Inventory Report (you will need to be logged into ServiceNow).
  2. Insert the name of the technology or service into the three filter fields (Keywords, Technology, Title).
    • Think of other possible names which could represent the technology.
    • If applicable, adjust the report to look for other parameters (service offering, business service).
    • Remember to consult with others about alternative names.
  3. Click Run.

Exporting your report to a spreadsheet

  1. Right-click on the Title header column (Mac Trackpad: two finger tap).
  2. Choose Export > CSV.
    Arrow pointing to the report Title header. Menu showing Export to CSV dropdown.
  3. Download the report once it completes.

Creating and populating your Content Inventory Google sheet

  1. Make a copy of the Google Sheet titled Content Inventory - ServiceNow Article Staging.
  2. Rename it Content Inventory - [your technology].
  3. Move it to your project folder.
  4. Populate it from the report, following the instructions in the Google sheet.
  5. Create Google Docs for editing articles in your project folder.
    • Create a Doc for each article in your inventory. This is easiest from Edit mode in ServiceNow.
    • Title each Doc with the article number and title:
      • EXAMPLE:  KB0019465 - ServiceNow Knowledge: Stage Knowledge Articles
    • Add each Google Doc link into your content inventory.
  6. Create PDF versions of articles:
    • Create a PDF for each article in your inventory. This is easiest from the View mode in ServiceNow.
    • Name each PDF with its article number:
      • EXAMPLE:  KB0019465.pdf
    • Upload all PDFs into the project folder > archive.
    • The PDF serves as an original archive of the article and can be referenced in case of necessary reversion.

Planning for new content

Add new article titles to the spreadsheet. You will draft these articles directly in ServiceNow.

Consider how you will update content outside of ServiceNow

You should review the website for content related to the technology that is not stored in ServiceNow. Review the following types of pages:

  • Related Service Offering(s)
  • Related Business Service(s)
  • Self-Help Guides

Any web page that originated in ServiceNow will include the ServiceNow Article ID KB# at the bottom of the page, and should already be a part of your content inventory.

Any web page that does NOT contain a ServiceNow Article ID KB# at the bottom of the page should be added to your content inventory.

  1. Put the URL of the page in the Title field of your content inventory.
  2. Create a Google Doc for the page in your project folder.
    • Include the Google Doc link in your content inventory.
  3. Create a PDF of the page and upload it to your project folder > archive.
    Note: Evaluate whether this content should be moved into a KB article. Generally speaking, step-by-step instructions should be housed in a KB article.


Stage Knowledge Articles for a Hard Cutover
When articles need to be updated or published while existing articles stay in production. On the specified date, the existing articles are replaced or updated.

  • Example: A new version of ServiceNow will replace the current version on 1/1/2018. All documentation needs to be updated, but it cannot be published prior to that date.

Stage Knowledge Articles for an Upcoming Technology Migration
When an older technology is being retired and replaced by a new one.

Stage Knowledge Articles for a New Technology while still Supporting the Old
When documentation is required for a new version of an existing technology while the existing technology remains available. Multiple versions of a single technology are supported at the same time. Articles titles should include the version number or name to help differentiate between versions.

Stage Articles for a New Technology
When a new technology is being introduced and no documentation exists.

Additional information

Accessing staged articles

Drafts in ServiceNow:

  • Select Articles Assigned to Me in your Knowledge Action Items homepage.
  • To see all staged articles with the same prefix, create a report:
    • Select Title and Contains.
    • Enter the first two prefixes of the articles titles (e.g., New Technology: WebEx Meeting Center).
    • Select Workflow, is, and Draft.
      Search parameter selection box 
Drafts in Google Drive:
  • Refer to the folder structure you created when preparing drafts

Contact information

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