ServiceNow Knowledge: Stage Articles for a New Technology

This article applies when a new application, technology or service is being introduced and no documentation exists.


  1. Refer to the Content Inventory for articles in need of creation:
    • Save new screenshots in the folder, titling with the Article Number followed by a number. corresponding with the order in your article (EXAMPLE: article0019465-1.png).
    • Within ServiceNow create the draft articles (see Knowledge Creator and Maintainer Self Help Guide).
    • Title the article using these conventions:
      • New Technology: WebEx Meeting Center: Record a Meeting
      • Version Change: Moodle 2.8: Access the Gradebook
    • Update the Content Inventory noting completion.


  1. At the specified time to publish, refer to the Content Inventory and identify the prepared draft articles 
    • Remove the prefix from the draft title.
      • EXAMPLE: 
        • Draft = Version Change: Moodle 2.8: Access the Gradebook
        • Published = Moodle 2.8: Access the Gradebook
    • From within ServiceNow publish your article to the appropriate audience (Public or Internal).
    • Update the Content Inventory noting update complete.


Once all articles have been created, updated, or retired follow these closing procedures:

  1. Cross-check the Content Inventory spreadsheet to verify all articles are marked as "Completed."
  2. Move all PDF documents and screenshots to the archive folder. 
  3. Notify collaborators the project is complete.