ServiceNow Knowledge: Publishing Public Articles Overview

When publishing publicly facing articles out of ServiceNow, there is an additional background process. This article will explain the process.

ServiceNow to Drupal

When an article is approved for public publication, it is pulled into Drupal and then published as a webpage with a unique address. This process is not dynamic and happens approximately once per hour. After a new article has been crawled, which can take up to 3 hours, you can find it searching Article edits may not show up on the site for up to one hour.


Article formatting in ServiceNow may not look identical to the page displayed on the website. For this reason, it's important to check the formatting once your article has been pulled into Drupal. You should also reference the article on drafting content in Google Docs for additional tips on creating well-formatted articles.

Title Changes

Drupal uses the Article ID of the article as the unique identifier. Any pages linked within Drupal to the article are done so via the ID. If you change the title of an article in ServiceNow, Drupal will automatically redirect. Other direct links (bookmarks, static links) may be based on the title or URL of the article and will need to be relinked. 

Additional Information

[email protected]: Content Availability and Linking