ServiceNow Knowledge: Publish an Article in the IT General Support KB

Every ServiceNow user can draft articles in the IT General Support knowledge base. Your permission level within ServiceNow determines if you can publish those articles. This article includes information for drafters and for editors.

Drafter: Submitting an article for publishing

  1. Select Knowledge, then My Drafts in the Application Navigator on the left. A list of all your draft articles appear.
  2. Click the Number link for the draft you want to have published.
  3. Read your draft over for technical accuracy and general readability.
  4. When the draft is ready, click Submit for Publishing. The article will be set to the Review workflow state and the appropriate approvers will be notified.
    Draft article with arrow pointing to Submit for Publishing button.

  5. Let someone in the article assignment group know the article is ready for review.

IT General Support Editor: Reviewing and publishing an article

As an editor, you will get an email every time someone

  • Submits an article for publication or retirement AND it is in
    • your assignment group AND
    • the IT General Support knowledge base.

Reviewing and publishing the article

  1. Find the article approval request. You can do this one of two ways:
    • Open the email notification and click the Approval Request link
      Email of an Approval Request with an arrow pointing towards the link for Approval Request.
    • Select Pending IT General Support list under Knowledge in the Application Navigator on the left. This shows a list of all pending Approval Requests for publication in your assignment group(s).
      Application Navigator with Knowledge section expanded and Pending IT General Support item highlighted. This item is only available to Editors.
      1. Find the article in the list.
      2. Click the associated Requested link. 
  2. Review the article, verifying it is ready for publication.
    • See Checklist for Creating & Reviewing INTERNAL Knowledge.
    • If you need to edit the article, scroll down to the bottom of the Approval Request and click the Article Link. The article opens in view mode in a new window.
      Arrow pointing towards Article link in the middle of an Approval Request.
      1. Click Edit in the upper right.
      2. Edit the article as necessary.
      3. Save when you are done.
      4. Go back to the Approval Request in your other window.
  3. Add relevant comments to the Approval/Rejection Comments field.
  4. Click APPROVE to publish the article or REJECT to send the draft back to the drafter. The window refreshes to your last view.
    Approval Request header with arrow pointing toward the APPROVE button.
    • Either way, an email confirmation of the publication or rejection is sent to the drafter.

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