ServiceNow Knowledge: Create a Work-in-Progress Article from a Resolved Incident

When resolving an Incident with the Type: Incident, you must identify the knowledge you used to resolve the issue. If no knowledge article in ServiceNow currently exists, you should create a Work-in-Progress article from your resolved Incident.

Creating a Work-in-Progress knowledge article while resolving an incident

  1. Before resolving the incident, check the Create Knowledge Article checkbox in the Incident form.
    Incident form with arrow pointing to Create Knowledge Article checkbox.
  2. Enter complete Resolution notes for the customer. This will be the body of your draft article.
  3. Rewrite the Short Description if necessary. This will be the title of your draft article.
  4. Check your Work Notes and edit for clarity.
  5. Resolve the Incident as you normally would. A Knowledge Article created confirmation message appears at the top of your screen.
    Incident list with Knowledge Article created message displayed at top.

Improving your Work-in-Progress knowledge article

You are always welcome to improve your own Work-in-Progress articles.

Note: Improving Work-in-Progress articles is NOT a required part of the Incident process.

  1. Find your article:
    • Work-in-Progress articles will show up in any search.
    • If you have difficulties:
      1. Go to Knowledge > Search in the Application Navigator.
      2. Select the Work in Progress KB.
      3. Search for your Internet ID.
  2. Edit for clarity using the standards defined in the Checklist for Revising Work-in-Progress Knowledge Articles.
  3. If you feel an article should be published to the IT General Support or Public knowledge bases, contact a knowledge editor from your assignment group, or a knowledge coach. They will:
    1. Edit the article as necessary.
    2. Review and publish either internally or publicly.

Publishing an article

  1. Remove WORK IN PROGRESS: from title of article. Ensure that the title is appropriate for the content and easily searchable. 
  2. Ensure the proper keywords are in place for the article to aid with search. 
  3. Remove WORK IN PROGRESS from the beginning of the article. 
  4. Change Knowledge Base to IT General Support.
  5. Use standard publishing processes to change the article from a draft. 

Additional Notes

  • When an Incident is resolved and the Knowledge article box is checked an article is created with values set to:
    • Knowledge Base = Work in Progress
    • Workflow = Published
    • Title = Incident short description prepended with "WORK IN PROGRESS"
    • Service Offering = Value from the Incident record
    • Technology = Value from the Incident record (if one was selected)
    • Assignment Group = Value from the Incident record
    • Expiration = 1 Year
    • Source = Incident number that created the article  
    • Content =
      • Issue
        • Incident Short Description
      • Environment
        • Resolution Notes for the Customer from the Incident
      • Resolution
        • No content
      • Source
        • Incident number