ServiceNow Knowledge: Add a Table to an Article

When you need to use a table in a knowledge base article, follow these guidelines and formatting instructions to make the content is accessible to all users.

This article covers:

Guidelines for using a Table

  • Only use a table when you need to convey a relationship between two or more items.
  • Designate row and column headers.
  • Include a caption that briefly describes the content of the table.
  • If possible, do not use more than three columns. Tables with more than three columns are difficult to navigate on mobile devices.

Inserting a Table in an article

  1. Place your cursor in the article where you want the table to be added.
  2. Click the Table button Table button in the editor toolbar. A menu opens.
  3. Using the Insert Table selection, specify the number of rows and columns by dragging the cursor.
  4. Click the Table button and select Table Properties to specify width, height, and borders.
  5. Use the Cell, Row, and Column selections under the Table button for more options.

Setting Column Widths

  1. Click in the top most cell in the column.
  2. Click the Table button table button in the editor toolbar.
  3. Select Cell, then Cell properties.
  4. Enter the number of pixels or percentage width into the Width text box.
    table cell properties window, Width cell with 200 pixels specified
  5. Click OK.

Formatting a Table for accessibility

Once you have entered the content in the table, designate the header row and caption the table to make the table accessible.

Designating the Header row

  1. Click inside the first header cell to place the cursor in the cell.
  2. Click the Table button table button.
  3. Hover over Row.
  4. Select Row Properties.
  5. Select Header from the Row Type menu.
  6. Click Ok.

Note: Once the header row has been set, the HTML will show that it has been defined. However, a minor bug in ServiceNow will show the Row Type as None. 

Entering a Table Caption

  1. Select Table Properties from the Table button table button 
  2. Check the box for Caption.
    Table properties dialog box, Caption checkbox highlighted
    Your table will now have a caption row at the top.
  3. Enter a descriptive caption for the table in the caption row.