ServiceNow Knowledge: Add Internal Support Notes

Internal Support Notes can be used to add technical information that is not meant for a public audience to articles in the Public Knowledge Base. Internal Support Notes are not published to the [email protected] site, but are visible when viewing an article in ServiceNow. Internal Support Notes should be brief, but can include:

  • Information that clarifies article step(s).
  • Information that calls out common issues or trouble spots users have with an article.
  • Anything that will assist a technician in troubleshooting.

Note: All ServiceNow articles have a placeholder for Internal Support Notes at the top of the article, but Internal Support Notes should only be used for articles in the Public knowledge base.

Adding Internal Support Notes to an article

Only Public Knowledge Editors can add Internal Support Notes to a public article. If you are not a public editor but feel an article could benefit from Internal Support Notes, you should Provide Feedback on the article.

  1. Open a knowledge article in Edit mode.
  2. Scroll down to the Internal Support Notes field just under Keywords.
    Internal Support Notes - Not Viewable by the Customer area of a knowledge article form.
  3. Enter a new note or edit currently existing notes.
    • Append your note with your Internet ID and the date.
      • Example: Many users forget to use their entire email address in Step 3. - skmck, 9/21/2017
    • Do not remove a note unless you are the knowledge owner or have consulted with the knowledge owner.
  4. Click Save.

Viewing Internal Support Notes

  • When viewing an article in view mode you will see the Internal Support Notes at the top of the page:
    Internal Support Notes area of a knowledge article in view mode.