ServiceNow Incident: Tier 2 & Tier 3 Incident Task Responsibilities

This article details the Incident Task Process responsibilities for Tier 2 (T2) and Tier 3 (T3) staff in OIT (Office of Information Technology).

T2 Responsibilities - Incident Ownership

T2 teams will retain ownership of an Incident from beginning to end. Exceptions:

  • A few T3 groups are permitted to own Incidents from beginning to end.
  • Some Incidents are auto-created as are their related T3 tasks.

When an Incident needs to be escalated to a T3 team or another T2 team, the Incident owner will:

  • Create a related Incident Task from the Incident.
  • Assign the Task to the appropriate T3 team (or other T2 team) to work and complete.
  • Monitor the status of the Incident.

Communicating Outside of ServiceNow

A T2 Incident owner should contact a T3 or T2 team via phone, in person, or chat when:

  • A Task priority is 1-Critical or 2-High.
  • You are not sure of the correct team to assign a Task.
  • The circumstances are complicated.
  • You feel it's appropriate.

T3 and T2 Responsibilities - Task Ownership

The T3 or T2 team assigned to the Task will:

  • Own the Task.
  • Update the Task as they work to resolve the issue.
  • Close the Task when complete.

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