ServiceNow: Grouping list items and Filtering Tickets by Service Offering

Grouping list items

You can group items in a list by criteria such as Priority (Critical, High, Moderate, Low) or Incident State (New, Active, etc.). Grouping does not work on large text fields such as Resolution notes.

  1. Open a list of items (Incident, Request, etc.).
  2. Right-click a field heading (on a Mac, two-finger tap the touchpad).
  3. Select Group By [Field Heading]
    Incident list with the Priority field heading's context-sensitive menu displayed and Group By Priority option highlighted.

Ungroup by right-clicking the field heading and selecting Ungroup.


Filtering for Tickets by Service Offering or Other Criteria

You can tell ServiceNow to search for tickets using specific criteria that you set. For example, you can search on:

  • Service Offering
  • Opened by (specify who)
  • Updated by (specify who)
  • Created (specify a timeframe)
  1. Open a list of items (Incident, Request, etc.).
  2. Click the Show/hide filter button Show/hide filter button..
  3. Remove existing filters by clicking the Delete button Delete button. to the right of each filter, if desired.

Searching for Incident tickets assigned to services you work on

  1. Select Service Offering from the -- choose field -- menu
  2. Select is from the operator menu
  3. Start to type the appropriate Service Offering into the field, and select it from the list.
  4. Click Or to add additional Service Offerings, if desired.
  5. Click Run.

Note: If you want to have the filter available for later use, you can save it.