SCORM: Test for Flash Content

Flash is a web technology that has been used for many years for interactive web content, such as videos, games, and interactive training. However, there are new technologies that are more efficient and more secure. For this reason, Flash will no longer be supported by all major browsers by the end of 2020. Currently, major browsers do not have Flash capability turned on by default, making it difficult to access Flash content.

If you use web content that is based in Flash, you should replace that content as soon as possible. Many older SCORM training modules use Flash content. 

Testing your SCORM modules for Flash content

  1. Make sure your SCORM module is published to a learning management system such as Canvas.
  2. Turn off Flash in your browser.
  3. Load your SCORM module, and go through all the content.
    • If the module runs without any issues, your SCORM most likely does not contain Flash. You do not need to take any action.
    • If the content does not load, most likely your SCORM module contains Flash.
      • In Chrome, a shield icon with a red X indicating insecure content insecure-content-chrome.pngxwill display in the address bar.
      • In Firefox, the Run Adobe Flash icon will appear in the middle of the browser window.