Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Proof Your Email Using Test Send

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

Before you send your email out to your subscribers, you may want to test sending the email to a select few email addresses. Test Send allows your message to be sent to no more than five different recipients at once. Note that any personalization strings, dynamic content, or AMPScript will not be resolved in these tests. Similarly, if you chose to enter a preheader when creating your message, it will show as "%%_PreHeader%%" in your test sends. This is expected behavior; when you actually send your message out, these variables will be replaced with the appropriate data from your subscriber lists/data extensions and email properties.

Proofing Your Email Using Test Send

  1. Make sure you are editing one of your email messages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Your email should be finished, validated, and checked by the Content Detective tool before testing.
  2. Click the Send drop-down menu in the toolbar of your editing window.
  3. Choose Test Send from the menu.
  4. A Test Send pop-up will appear. Fill in each field with a single email address; additional fields will appear as the previous ones are filled until you reach your maximum of five recipients. Click the trash can icons to remove recipients.
  5. When you have finished entering the recipients for your test email, click Send. If any of the recipients were not previously in your All Subscribers list, a dialog box will appear to advise you that they have been added to this list.